About Me

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Full-Stack Java Software Developer

I started in the restuarant industry when I was 16 and found that I really loved helping others solve the mystery of what's for dinner. I quickly realized that I loved to be in a postion to lead others and could communicate effectively to get the best of everyone. This led me up the management career path through various roles over the years. After many years of that experience I realized that I didn't like the work/life balance of the service industry. The people and work itself were always great, but I didn't like not being at home with family and being stuck at work every weekend. In high school I had taken a few java courses and really loved programming in them. I've always had a natural intuitiveness with computers since I was young. By expanding my knowledge of this useful skill I know that I can start a new career path that will allow me to have that work/life balance that I've dreamed of.